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Missin’ U [Ryoji/Fuuka]


Her eyes widened in surprise as he grabbed on to her arm. Fuuka wasn’t expecting this at all. In her mind, he was supposed to accept it and she would be on her way, though she knew she would have very much regretted the idea if that was the case. Again, tears seemed to resurface but she didn’t wanted them to fall. She had to be strong.


For a moment, she stayed quiet. Would he hate her after her shallow and selfish thoughts? Even though her common sense was trying to tell herself no, her emotions seemed to get in the way but glancing in to his eyes, she couldn’t look away.

With a small smile, she slowly shook her head as tears ran down her face. She didn’t notice them falling until she started speaking, which her voice was a bit hoarse. “I-I.. I’m not okay with it at all.” Pausing and looking away for a moment, she tried to regain her confidence as she tried her hardest to wipe away her tears.


"…I just thought you seemed to fit better together with her." Her shoulders shook as she continued. "She’s pretty, smart, and good at everything compared to me.” The last part was told, muttering as she finally told what was bothering her so much.

"That’s why I thought you kissed Hamuko because you were so close when I saw you that day. …I thought you were tired of me." By now, Fuuka didn’t even try to make eye contact with him. She was afraid to see his reaction to her selfish reasoning, or it seemed to her.

 Pursing his lips, Ryoji took a moment to go over his words in his mind before speaking, but despite his outer calmness, it was simply just jumbled and broken sentences in his mind. Now, this wasn’t fair. They never even had a chance to talk things over since then, after being so mislead - why didn’t Fuuka absolutely despise him, nonetheless? 
Hamuko was a dear girl that Ryoji has prior feelings for a long while ago, and even today this wouldn’t be something he denied. As quickly as they had formed, those feelings were gently laid to rest the moment they were addressed as unrequited. Although he had struggled, Ryoji had moved on in order to preserve that precious friendship he knew he was lucky to have.
Which is why he would go as far to assist her with a suitor who lacked Ryoji’s courtesy… Bringing the Hamuko close and softly touching foreheads together with his back to the world behind him. Perhaps even so, his actions could still have been considered inappropriate despite holding genuinely good intentions.
"… There’s… No way I could defend myself to someone who has lost their trust in me."
The male sighed, blue eyes slowly falling to the ground as he lifted his hands up half-way.

"But I wish that you could see yourself as wonderfully and beautifully as how I see you all the same. I’m not asking you to forgive me, but I do believe we have a misunderstanding…. But if I could have your permission, would you allow me to explain?"

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going back to being an indie blog,  すみませんでした !!!

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云ったでしょ?「     」

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This scene is priceless. xD

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January 31, 2010
Whatever happens, no regrets.

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